About Us

We are a group of educators and counsellors, with the training and tools to assist you with your university admissions process. We have first-hand experience with college systems in the USA and the UK and can help your academic profile stand out in a crowd of applications. We can steer you through the entire process from building your profile in middle school to helping you choose colleges wisely, and the application process. Using our first-hand experience of the college systems in the US and the UK, we mentor you on how to stand out from the crowd in your academic and extra curricular achievements.

Summit Mentoring

Shabina Hoskote – Shabina is an international school teacher with over 14 years of teaching experience. She has an MBA and a PGCE (PostGraduate Teaching Certificate in Education) from the University of Nottingham, UK. She is experienced at teaching the IPC (International Primary Curriculum), the UKNC (UK National Curriculum) and has PYP qualifications. Having taught in international schools in Singapore and China for over a decade, Shabina brings professional standards to the teaching and coaching business. She has been counselling students for college applications for the last two years.

Bianca Pellet – Bianca is a secondary English teacher with Qualified teacher status (QTS). She has implemented and taught IGCSE and IB programmes, as well as marked papers for Cambridge, the IBO, and Edexcel. Educated at the Universities of Exeter and Oxford, she is a dual national (British/French) who has worked in the UK and France as well as the Netherlands. Her 12 years of experience includes teaching Anglophone students in Years 6-9 and sixth-form American literature classes. She tutors for official examinations run by Pearson and the British Council. Based in the Netherlands, Bianca is a writing coach with experience in supervising Extended Essays, Global Perspectives; and helping students with Personal Statements and college admissions essays. Her students have gone on to such prestigious institutions as UCL, McGill, and Yale. She is currently a freelance educational writer, producing materials for Kognity and working on a book for Elemi Education, ‘A-Z of TOK’ scheduled to release in June 2021.

Christen Arafeh is a US college admissions advisor and scholarship expert based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Over the past decade she has amassed over $900,000 in scholarships for her own education and has helped thousands of college bound students do the same. She knows what scholarship judges are looking for, because she has served on scholarship boards herself. Whether you are looking to bridge the gap for a small portion of your tuition, or you are hoping to score a free ride to the university of your dreams, Christen can provide you with a list of scholarships and the resources needed to win scholarships and put you closer to your debt-free degree.

Tenafly Writing Coach works with high school seniors on their college application essays, helping each student craft a unique and outstanding essay that conveys their strengths, their achievements, and all of their potential. A former staff writer and editor for The Washington Post, Alona applies skills perfected in the newsroom to her work with high school students.
Her clients have been admitted to a number of prestigious institutions, including Princeton University, Wellesley College, Columbia University and Barnard College, Cornell University, Brandeis University, University of Southern California, Baylor University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Case Western Reserve University, Colgate University, McGill University, Georgetown University, and Georgetown University Law Center, and many more.